Everything You Need For A Baby, And Don’t!

all the essential items you need for your baby

When getting everything ready for a baby, there seems to be an endless list of everything you need for a baby. Strollers, clothes, soothers, swings and so much more. So, get ready for the ultimate baby checklist pdf that you can print out for free! 

Hold on. Before we jump in, what is actually necessary, and what is just good to have? 

We have outlined everything below that you will need, focusing on what is truly important and needed by every momma, regardless of anything.  

So, get on reading, take some notes, and download our baby checklist pdf at the end! 

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baby checklist pdf


A stroller is a must-have for a baby, as it will make going out so much easier. There are tons of places you can find used or almost like new strollers if you are trying to save money. 

I suggest getting a travel system which are super practical, ease to use and assemble, and very high value for the money. 

I got the Zelia Maxi Cosi travel system and absolutely love it! With the car seat and base, a stroller that can be used in so many ways, and even a bassinet attachment, everything you need for a baby in one big package! 

Car Seat and Base 

You won’t be able to leave the hospital without a car seat and base attachment for the car, so this is definitely a must have! 

While you can buckle the car seat in every time, save yourself the hassle and make everything easier to use and safer and get a car seat base that permanently stays in your car. 

Then, all you must do is click in the car seat base and you’re good to go! 

Good to have: 

Car Seat Cover 

A car seat cover and nursing cover are so super helpful, yet you will be able to survive without one. I consider this one more of a luxury. 

I use my nursing cover when nursing out in public, to cover the car seat to protect baby on windy days, and to use later to cover the baby seat of the grocery cart. 

They are inexpensive on amazon and one of my favorite luxury baby gadgets! 

Travel Crib 

In case you tend to do a lot of travelling, look into getting a travel crib. We visit my parents who live a few hours away every few weeks and stay there a few nights, so a travel crib is so convenient for us! 

But honestly, if you aren’t much of a traveler, this item may be very unnecessary, so save your money and get it later in case you ever do find you need one! 

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Baby Gear 

baby essentials pdf checklist

Baby Swing 

I swear by the baby swing, but sadly, not every baby will love and gravitate to it strongly. 

If your baby does enjoy being rocked and soothed into sleep, a swing will definitely save you a ton of time putting baby to sleep! 

Wrap or Carrier 

This is a game changer if you like spending time outdoors or have a super fussy baby that won’t let you put them down. Securing and carrying them around in a baby wrap or carrier is the best thing in those cases. 

Cloth or not? That is really up to you and your preferences! 

Play Gym 

Play gyms for babies are an amazing way to keep them entertained and teach them valuable skills. It is here that most babies learn to roll over, grab toys, and really explore the world. 


Of course, a highchair will be needed after the first few months of baby’s life. There are so many different variations out there, so which one you get is totally up to you! 

Good to have: 


If you have a baby that needs to be always close to you, a rocker or baby bouncer may just do the trick. I personally never found the need for one but have heard so many other moms swear by it. 

Diaper Bag 

These are such a nice luxury item to have, especially if you aren’t a purse woman! I always just kept a snack, bottle, diapers and wipes in my purse. But now that I have a toddler and a newborn, a diaper bag backpack is such a game changer! Really keeps everything in there, easily accessible, and is so convenient! 

Activity Center 

This is really a hit or miss depending on your child. If your child enjoys some independent play at a young age, an activity center they sit in and play can really give you some free time! 

I found the jolly jumper to be even cheaper, and better entertainment for my kids so far! 


baby bathtub essentials checklist


Newborns are tiny, so you won’t want to put them in a gigantic tub at first. The most common solution: a baby sized bathtub. I found this to be super useful in the first few months until baby could sit, and even then, I would place the small bathtub inside the large during bath time. 

However, some people prefer to use a bigger sized sink (if you have one) to bathe a newborn in, and this is super budget friendly and convenient in those first few weeks. 

However, I have recently stumbled upon an amazing invention, a baby bathmat. Essentially, a foam bath mat you can place in your bigger bathtub to place baby on, fill it up with an inch or two of water and voila! This is the ultimate solution for those people who lack the storage space for a baby tub! 


Baby’s skin is so soft and delicate, so make sure to get some baby shampoo and/or body wash for baby. I suggest getting sample sizes first, as you won’t know how sensitive your baby’s skin is in the first little while! So, testing out a few products is always a good idea! 

Baby Oil 

A tiny bottle of baby oil is needed to get off that much-hated cradle cap so many babies develop. Just soaking it in baby oil for a few minutes and gently using a comb to comb out the flakes will do wonders for baby’s head! 


A nice soothing lotion is definitely in our baby checklist pdf! Always make sure to re-hydrate baby’s skin after a bath, and even throughout the day! 

2-3 Bath towels 

You won’t bathe baby too often, and if you do laundry regularly, a few bath towels and a few washcloths will definitely be enough! 

And if you want to save money and have extra towels, maybe just consider using your own on baby as well! 

Nursing and Feeding 

baby checklist pdf for free

Haaka Pump 

There is a reason this is on the top of my baby checklist pdf, and that is because it is the #1 breastfeeding gadget I swear by! 

Just suction this baby to the side you are not breastfeeding on and catch all your excess milk! This can then be saved in storage bags that you can use to start a freezer stash! How convenient right? 

Nursing Pillow 

I went through my first child just using normal couch pillows, and it was a pain! So, I definitely splurged this time and got myself a good nursing pillow to make breastfeeding comfier and more practical! 


If you are nursing, two or three nursing bras are a definite need! These are so handy, comfortable, and practical in everyday life, I end up wearing them after my breastfeeding journey and during pregnancy as well! 

Nursing Pads 

You will be leaking everywhere if you breastfeed, so make sure to get some nursing pads to catch all that milk before it goes through and stains your shirts! 

Either these disposable ones work great, or I also love using the re-usable and washable breast pads once my milk has regulated after a few weeks! 

Nipple Cream 

Your ladies will be sore, dry, and cracking in that first week or two, so slathering on some nipple cream all day every day is going to be the only way to heal and protect them while they are adjusting to breastfeeding life. 


Even if you aren’t formula feeding, keep a few bottles on hand in case you decide to use your freezer stash or are needing to give baby some formula due to lack of breastmilk in the first few days! 

Bottle Brush 

Bottles need to be properly cleaned and a bottle brush is the best way to do so! 

Burp Cloths 

Babies spit up ALL the time, so using burp cloths to catch the curdled milk instead of your shirt or couch pillow is a much more convenient and easy-to-wash way! 


Once baby starts eating, a few bibs (especially these easy to wipe off kind) is good to have on hand! You won’t want baby soiling 3-5 pairs of clothes every single day! 

Good to have: 

Ready Formula 

While for most women it takes the milk 3 days to come in postpartum, you may need a little bit longer, or be struggling to produce milk in general and not have any milk for 10 days! (like me, ready my story on the condition that made breastfeeding a nightmare) 

For the best interest of your child, giving them formula here and there may be the best choice, so make sure to have some on hand for those first few weeks. Doctors and pediatricians recommend using ready formula for newborns, as their tummies are so sensitive, normal formula may be harder to digest! 

Storage Bags 

If you are planning on making a freezer stash with your breastmilk, get some storage bags to store your milk in! 

Breast Pump 

I never thought I would need one until I was waiting at the door for the delivery man to bring me my breast pump a few days after birth. 

If you can, your insurance may even cover the cost of a breast pump, something which is such a luxury and convenient item for any momma out there! 

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small items you need for your baby, thermometer, comb etc.


Fact is that baby will get sick. Make sure to get a thermometer to check when baby’s temperature just doesn’t seem right.  

While the ear or forehead scanner thermometers are very practical and easy to use, using a rectal thermometer on newborns is still recommended for accuracy sake. 

Nasal Aspirator 

I absolute love and adore my Nosefrida the snot sucker! It is such a convenient and quick way to help relieve baby of any congestion, boogers, and stuffy noses! 

If you decide on the generic bubble nasal aspirator, or get the Nosefrida, a nasal aspirator definitely is on our baby checklist pdf. 

Nail Clippers 

Babies tend to come out into this world with long nails and keeping them nice and trimmed will help them avoid scratching themselves. 

Getting some baby nail clippers, or even better a baby nail file (to avoid accidentally cutting the skin) is definitely a must-have! 

Laundry Detergent 

Make sure to grab some baby laundry detergent. Baby’s skin is still so sensitive and soft, you won’t want to have any harsh chemicals in their clothing. So, some baby-safe detergent is best, and smells absolutely incredible! 

Good to have: 

Brush + Comb 

Even if your baby does not have any hair, keeping a brush and comb around will help you deter and get rid of any potential cradle cap, something every momma has to deal with. 

Gripe Water 

Almost every baby goes through some tummy issues when they are little, as their digestive system is not fully matured yet when they are born. 

Having some gripe water on hand to soothe their tummy pains in a natural way is often the only thing to calm their tummies in times of trouble! 


all the clothing items you need for your baby


I would suggest getting around 7-10 bodysuits for baby to wear. These are amazing to layer in the winter, or to just have one easy-to-handle layer in the summer! 


Babies tend to live in jumpers, so make sure to have at least 5 on hand, depending how often you do laundry! These jumpers/pajamas are just so comfy, you won’t ever want to take baby out of them! 

Tip: make sure to get the zippered and footed onesies! The snaps are such a pain during middle of the night diaper changes and you won’t want to worry about their little socks falling off either! 


Make sure to grab 5-7 socks (depending on the season) to make sure baby’s feet are always nice and cozy! You won’t want them catching a cold! 


Babies cannot regulate their temperature that well yet, so keeping them in a hat for the first few weeks is almost a rule. So, make sure to have at least 2 hats, one to wear and one for the wash. 


I would grab at least 2-4 good quality swaddles, as most newborns love being tightly wrapped up. Make sure to get some breathable ones which baby won’t sweat or be cold in! 

Sleep sack 

For sleeping, get at least 1-2 sleep sacks for safety reasons. While swaddles are great, babies may unravel themselves and end up with the swaddle covering their face. So, to reduce the chance of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), get some Velcro or zippered swaddles for baby to sleep in. 


A definite duh-baby item, diapers! We can’t forget those on our baby checklist pdf! I always go for the pampers pure diapers brand as I know nothing will irritate baby’s skin, but which diaper brand you use is totally up to you! 

Hot Tip: Babies don’t tend to use the newborn size too long, unless they are premature or very small, so make sure to grab more of the size 1 diapers than the newborn. 


Again, pretty obvious. Buy some wipes to keep everything nice and clean. And you guessed it, I like using the pampers pure wipes (same brand as the diapers) for my newborn’s skin. 

Diaper Cream 

It’s going to happen, no matter how attentive you are to poopy diapers, babies just get diaper rashes so easily! So, make sure to always have some diaper cream on hand! I enjoy the generic brands, but my ultimate favorite is the all-natural diaper cream from DoTerra, which I found to work the best and fastest on any rash! 


If you are hoping your newborn will take a pacifier, make sure to have a few different kinds and shapes of pacifiers in the beginning, as each baby actually has their own preference!  


baby nursery items you need to have and don't

Crib or Bassinet 

This one is obvious; baby will need a space to sleep so it’s obviously on our baby checklist pdf! Which type of crib or bassinet you get is totally up to you and your preferences! If you are wanting to breastfeed, I highly recommend getting a bedside or co-sleeper bassinet, it makes middle of the night breastfeeding sessions so much more comfortable and easier! 

If you are worried about SIDS and prefer keeping your space at night, a stand-alone crib may be the best option! 

Crib Sheets 

Make sure to get at least 2-3 crib sheets to go with your crib or bassinet, as babies to tend to throw up or have leaky diapers often! 

Waterproof Pad 

This will be a mattress (and sanity) saver for you, so make sure to grab at least 2-3 of some waterproof mattress protectors for the crib or bassinet. You won’t want to ruin the new mattress right away! 

Changing Pad and Covers 

Babies have poopy diapers, and with poopy diapers come accidents and little oopsies here and there. So, having a designated diaper changing pad and appropriate covers will save you a ton of time trying to get the smell of pee out of your couch or carpet! 

If you are wanting to change baby anywhere around the house, maybe invest in some portable changing pads which sure did the trick for me and saved my couch many times! 

Good to have: 

Sound Machine 

Babies are used to the noises of the womb, the blood rushing through, the gurgling of your stomach and the surrounding organs, and the soft beating of your heart. 

Sound machines let baby be reminded of these times, which is soothing and comforting to them. And, it lets you not have to sneak around the house when baby is sleeping, which is especially useful if you are clumsy like me! 

I love our sound machine which comes with so many different noises, volumes, and even has a built-in light feature which makes middle of the night breastfeeding sessions so much easier! 

Toys (Good to Have) 

baby toys that are good to have


Babies love anything that makes noise, so getting them a rattle or similar toys will enhance their learning and train their little brains! 

I love this big set from amazon and have bought it for all my family members who have children, lots of variety of toys with an amazing price tag! 

Wood Toys 

If you are concerned about giving your baby plastic toys, wood toys have been deemed as safer and more sustainable, so investing in some wooden rattles, cars, or animals may be worth it in the long run! 

Board Books 

Reading to babies and toddlers has so many benefits, as their little brains are so smart, they catch on so quick. So, make sure to grab a few board books (as you won’t want them to be ripped the next day) and read to your little one! 

Phew, what a list hey? 

Seem like a lot to process? Well, we made it easy for you and compiled a baby checklist pdf that you can easily download! 

Enter your email below to sign up for our newsletter and get your password for the free baby checklist pdf with all the items above that you absolutely must have for a baby. 

It’s an easy to read, convenient checklist, and its free, so why not download it now? 

Thanks for sticking around! Until next time, 

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