What to Keep in your Breastfeeding and Diaper Basket

woman sitting in bed breastfeeding her baby

When you are preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby there seem to be a million things to do before they get here. Creating a breastfeeding and diaper basket being one of them. 

While I know not all women breastfeed and will find a breastfeeding basket necessary, I decided for those who are planning on breastfeeding, this would come in handy. 

And obviously a diaper caddy is a must-have for any expecting momma out there! 

But why should you make a breastfeeding and diaper basket? And what should you even put in them? 

Well, let me be your angel in disguise and show you the way! 

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What are Breastfeeding and Diaper Baskets? 

Essentially, they are baskets that you keep by your bed side filled with everything you need, well, to breastfeed and change diapers. 

Pediatricians recommend newborns sleep in the same room as the parents for at least the first 6 months to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).  Therefore, having these things in your room and easily accessible will make newborn life so much easier!

And well, you also won’t be wanting to run through the house looking for diapers and wipes every time you need to do a diaper change. And especially in the beginning, you may be changing baby a few times during the night! 

A breastfeeding basket is essentially for your own comfort and well-being, filled with all the goodies needed to make breastfeeding comfortable, and less painful. 

I keep mine in two separate baskets for ease, but you can make one giant one if you want! 

What should I put in my Breastfeeding Basket? 

What you put in them is entirely up to you, but I like to keep it minimal and basic. Below I have listed everything I keep in my breastfeeding and diaper basket, trying to keep it to the absolute necessary. 

everything that I keep in my breastfeeding basket

The Basket 

First, you will want an easy to carry basket you can lug around the house and easily access during the night. 

I got the Ikea BYHOLMA basket which I find absolutely stunning and a great size to fit everything inside! 

But here are some super adorable ones on amazon which I was definitely considering on buying but went for the cheaper Ikea basket instead. Plus, once I’m not breastfeeding, I can use them as storage and organizational bins! 

Even a cheap basket from the dollar store would do fine in this case! 

You do you! 

Nursing Pads 

These are so essential when breastfeeding as you will find yourself leaking all over the place once your milk comes in, or when baby decides to skip a breastfeeding session and sleep through the night. 

I got this pack of 100 disposable nursing pads from amazon and love them. They are very useful when my flow is particularly heavy and I am leaking all over the place.

I also enjoy using re-usable pads for the well-being of the environment and my wallet. Even though in the beginning I used the disposables more, I found these super helpful once my milk regulated and I stopped leaking as much. 

I got this 14 pack on amazon and found it quite easy to just throw them in the wash and re-use them time and time again. They worked wonderfully and are super stunning as well!

Nipple Cream 

This is an absolute lifesaver for any breastfeeding mommas out there! You will quickly find yourself slathering on nipple cream any chance you get. For if you don’t, I can guarantee you those ladies will be painful, cracking, and bleeding. 

So, do yourself a favor and grab this Lansinoh Nipple Cream (the best one out there) and make sure to use it often, especially in those first few weeks! 

Haaka Pump 

While this is not a must have, they are very handy when breastfeeding and definitely on my list. Simply attach the Haaka pump to the side you are not feeding on and collect the extra milk that naturally comes out when baby is feeding on the opposite breast. 

This helps with engorgement, increasing your milk supply, and getting that freezer stash started without needing to pump! 

No need to get the original Haaka brand, an off brand one like this one will for sure do the trick!

here are all the things I keep in my breastfeeding basket with a good overview

Breastmilk Storage Bags 

Speaking of the Haaka pump, you will need some place to store your collected breastmilk, so make sure to grab some milk storage bags on your way out to the check out! 

Burp Cloths or Rags 

Fact is, babies tend to spit up a lot when you burp them after a meal, it’s a normal and healthy reflex. Some babies spit more, some less, but matter of fact, you do not want their spit up all over your clothes, bedding, and themselves.  

So, make sure to keep a few burp cloths by your side and in your breastfeeding basket! 


Any mom who has breastfed before will know the whole snack ordeal; you are constantly hungry! So, make sure to keep a few snacks on hand when the midnight munchies kick in. 

I keep some granola bars, some sweeter snacks, and in best case scenario some nuts or dried fruit in my basket! Also having some carbs such as crackers on hand will be super helpful in calming down your grumbly stomach. 

Water bottle 

Oh, the thirst. The never-ending thirst. You will probably drink more water when breastfeeding than in your entire life. Okay maybe a bit far-fetched, but you get the idea. 

Always keep a water bottle close by. I bought an insulated water bottle/tumbler and will never look back. This water bottle keeps my drinks cold all night! And even though I wanted to save it for postpartum, I started using it as soon as it got delivered. 

And the best part? It comes with a second lid that you can use for hot drinks. And who doesn’t like a 2-in-1 water bottle


There are a few other extras you may want to keep in your breastfeeding basket if you aren’t the minimal person like me. 

Some Chapstick, lotion, and even a notebook, or a good book to read can be very useful too! 

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What Should I Put in My Diaper Caddy/Basket? 

everything I keep in my diaper caddy and diaper basket

The Basket 

Again, the most important component of a breastfeeding and diaper basket is the basket. Make sure to grab one you have laying around or head on out to buy a beautiful one from the store. 

If you want even more organizational components to the basket, there are these specially designed diaper caddies on Amazon which work so much better than any regular baskets! 

Diapers and Wipes 

Obviously, in your breastfeeding and diaper basket you will need diapers and wipes, and which brand you use is totally up to you! 

I use the Pampers Pure Diapers and Wipes for the first 2 months of baby’s life as their skin is so delicate and not used to being rubbed and poked all the time. 

What I like about these diapers and wipes is that I don’t have to worry about my baby getting any rashes from harsh chemicals, and they are simply the best I have tried so far on baby bums! 

pampers pure diapers, pampers pure wipes and reusable changing pads that I keep in my basket

Changing Pads 

If you don’t have a changing table in your room and are planning on changing baby throughout the house, such as on the couch or bed, then make sure to pack some reusable changing pads in your diaper caddy. 

These are so helpful and have saved me (more like my couch and bed) a million times of poop or pee accidents!

Diaper Cream 

This is always good to have on hand, especially as newborn poop (when breastfed) barely stinks, and baby may accidentally sit in a stinky diaper too long! 

I absolutely adore and love the DoTerra Diaper Cream and am never turning back to another one again. Made with all-natural ingredients, it soothes a diaper rash better and quicker than any of the 5 other brands I have tried beforehand! 

And considering it sells out so quickly, I guess other mommas love it too! 

Hand Sanitizer and Lotion 

Especially during these times, sanitizing your hands has become more and more important. Newborn babies are so vulnerable and get sick quickly, so quickly sanitizing your hands before and after a diaper change can make a huge difference.

And from all the sanitizing your hands will be dry, so I keep some simple hand lotion on hand as well (pun intended).  

Baby Lotion 

Baby’s skin dries out very quickly, so sometimes a quick moisturizing session is needed. I try to moisturize every evening before bed, and if the weather is very dry, I will do it in the morning as well. 

I love using the Aveeno Eczema cream, even if baby does not have eczema. It is so gentle, natural, and moisturizing on the skin it’s my favorite one so far!

all the lotions, baby essentials, and creams I keep in my diaper changing caddy / basket

Diaper Bags 

In case you don’t have diaper genie standing in your room, getting rid of poopy diapers in the middle of the night or during the day can be a big pain. 

Honestly, probably one of my favorite mom hacks, just use doggy poop bags! If they are good enough for stinky dog poop, they are good enough for stinky baby diapers!  

I just grab mine from the store or even buy a bulk pack on amazon. And if you already have pets, you most likely have these on hand anyways! 

Quickly tie up the poopy bag and it can wait until you have time to dispose of it properly without stinking up the whole house.

Nasal Spray and Aspirator 

When baby has a stuffy nose, nobody will sleep well. So, keeping some nasal spray (make sure its suitable for babies) and an aspirator on hand will save you some sleepless nights! 

There are tons of products out there to get snot out of a baby’s nose, yet by far my most loved one is the Fridababy Snotsucker, which does exactly what the name suggests. 

I love that I can control the amount of suction, without the fear of sucking it up with my mouth due to the clever design of the Snotsucker. 

But there are tons of options out there, so do some research and find the best one suitable for you and your needs and preferences! 

So, that’s everything I keep in my breastfeeding and diaper basket, what about you? Are there any other necessities I missed that you find absolutely helpful? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time, 

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everything I keep in my breastfeeding basket, all of my breastfeeding essentials in my breastfeeding caddy
everything I keep in my diaper changing basket / caddy

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