I was always so confident that breastfeeding will be a breeze, but boy was it not.


I ended up having no milk supply, and the whole latching concept and producing enough milk was too much for me.


That’s why I am here to help. Breastfeeding can be overwhelming, but with the right resources your journey can be made so much easier and simpler. So dive right in and absorb all the knowledge you can!

9 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

droopy breasts after pregnancy

Often, pediatricians recommend breastfeeding a baby until at least one year, but extended breastfeeding for over 2 years of age has become more and more popular. This is because there are many different benefits of extended breastfeeding. What are they?  Well, let me explain…  Here are the benefits of extended breastfeeding: Helps with nutrition Children …

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