12 Cutest Easter Pregnancy Announcements

easter pregnancy announcement

Spring is in the air! And so is the hustle and bustle of Easter pregnancy announcements! This holiday makes this time so magical: new hope, new goals, and a new life being formed inside you. 

However, looking for that perfect way to announce your easter pregnancy is not easy. You would know, as you have probably searched every corner on Pinterest. But we are here to make your life easier. 

Here are the top 12 cutest ways to announce your Easter or Spring pregnancy! 

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Easter Egg Crack 

golden easter egg with hidden message

This one has to be my absolute favorite out of all the Easter pregnancy announcements. How cute is this?  

A tiny perfect easter egg your loved ones must crack to reveal a hidden custom message inside. With so many options for surprising your husband, parents, siblings, or even to do a gender reveal, the options are endless! 

Plus, you can even choose to have a natural quail egg, or a golden easter egg. 

Social Media Announcement 

we're expecting written on paper with spring branches around for digital Easter pregnancy announcements

If you are looking for the perfect way to announce on social media without too much work and hassle, these customizable pictures are the perfect way to let everyone know that you are expecting! 

Plus, there are so many different layouts to choose from! 

We’re Eggspecting!

we're eggspecting written on ceramic egg

This egg easter pregnancy announcement is the cutest thing ever! What a genius idea to give them the best easter egg hunt they will ever receive! 

This one can also be used for lots of people, for surprising the father, your parents, friends, or even siblings! Plus, you get to keep the ceramic egg as a memento of this special moment!  

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Easter Card Announcement 

Easter pregnancy announcements card with bunny family

Now this cute and colorful card is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy. They won’t expect much from a card, let alone a pregnancy announcement, and surprise! 

You can also customize how many bunnies are sitting in the grass… making it perfect for that first, second, or even fifth baby announcement! 

Parents to Bee 

daddy and mommy to bee matching tshirts

You can never go wrong with a typical shirt announcement and these shirts are the cutest way to do so! So fitting for springtime, yet so adorable to wear all year round! 

There are also so many different colors of t-shirts you can choose from! Which one is your favorite color? 

Wine Label 

wine label for Easter pregnancy announcements

Got a wine lover in your family? Then this is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy! Fully customizable, with the option of printing it yourself or getting it printed and delivered, this is the perfect way to announce your withdrawal from alcohol (even if it’s just momentarily) 

Some Bunny has a Secret

white knitted baby hat with bunny ears in box

This cute little bunny hat is an adorable way to announce your pregnancy, and the cutest thing about it? You can use it again later to take newborn photos and for everyday use. We are always fans of multipurpose things! 

Baby Onesie 

blue bunny printed onesie for Easter pregnancy announcements

I always love the classical pull a onesie out of a present and start screaming videos you can find on YouTube. This spring themed onesie is super adorable, plus it will make for adorable photos once baby has arrived! 

The Egg Hunt 

the egg hut is over card Easter pregnancy announcements

Have someone that is living far away that a physical visit is not possible? Well, this super cute, fully customizable card is the way to do it! With an extra spot for a family picture, it makes this card oh so much more personal and a memorable Easter pregnancy announcement. 

Big Sis/Big Bro Shirts 

pink big sister tshirt

If you already have a child, why not get them in on the action? Revealing your pregnancy announcement by showing up to easter or a family gathering with this shirt is such a cute idea! There are also lots of different shirt colors to choose from, always a win-win! 

Photo Prop Announcement 

photo props for Easter pregnancy announcements

Taking family pictures on easter? Well then this is the perfect time for an announcement! Grab yourself this pack of 10 different photo props and get announcing! 

These would be also so cute to post on social media as another Easter pregnancy announcement! 

Little Bunny Cake Topper 

a little bunny is on its way cake topper Easter pregnancy announcements

Responsible for bringing a cake to the party? Adding on this last-minute prop is sure to be a big surprise!

Plus, you get to eat cake after, can there be anything better? 

Easter has to be my second favorite season/holiday of the year, after Christmas that is. I feel like Easter and Spring are so underrated, but maybe that is only because I have lived in Canada almost my whole life, where the winters are cold and harsh. And after a good 7 months of winter, you get jittery to have Spring start. 

I hope this post has helped you find the perfect Easter pregnancy announcements to surprise your loved ones with. Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below!  

Can’t wait to hear from you. 

Until next time, 

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