How to Get Pregnant Fast: 8 Proven Ways

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Want to boost fertility? Are you wondering how to get pregnant fast? Struggling to get pregnant and need a boost? Want to increase your chances of pregnancy? 

Let us guide you with the 8 proven tips to improve and boost your fertility and conception! 


Waiting for that positive pregnancy test seems like the most gruesome patience tester for a want-to-be mom. Month after month you wait, yet no results.  


But let me tell you my story: 

It was just under 2 months of being married when I found myself in the bathroom alone…with a positive pregnancy test. 

We strongly believe in waiting until marriage to have sexual relations and interactions.  

So, after a month of a possible pregnancy, we were pregnant. We were shocked. We assumed that it would be a waiting game and struggle every time but were delighted in having a baby. 

Fast forward 1.5 years later and we had a beautiful baby girl. I expected to get pregnant quickly again as it happened the first time. That did not happen.  

It was not until I changed a few things in my lifestyle and health that things looked up.  

And again, within the first month of implementing these changes, we were expecting for a second time! 

Let’s not withhold any juicy information, so here are the things I changed about my life that helped me get pregnant fast! 


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1. Focus on Healthy Eating to Boost Fertility 

healthy food to boost fertility

Eating healthy gives your body the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals it needs to regulate itself. Thus, regulating your menstrual cycle and ovulation, exactly what we want! 

If eating healthy is not for you, try limiting your sugar and junk food intake. Allow yourself one treat a day or simply cut out your daily soda. Even making such a “simple” change can make a huge difference! 

Here is how this would work: 

In general, I have always been a healthy eater. I am not a big sweets person and tend to gravitate towards fruit for cravings. I am also quite a fan of vegetables and have some with every meal. 

However, I noticed my body giving me warning signals to change my diet. I was constantly exhausted, even after a good nap or a long night’s sleep. 

My digestion was off, and either I was running to the bathroom constantly or constipated. I investigated changing the food I put into my body.  

I found the Paleo diet, tried it, and loved it. Going Paleo helped me focus on putting only whole, healthy, and pure foods into my body. 


2. Want to get Pregnant Fast? Exercise. 

exercising to boost fertility fast

Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t fans of working out, same with me. 

Getting sweaty and gross to challenge my body has never been on my “bucket list” 

However, exercising improves your chances of getting pregnant, as women who do moderate exercise regularly get pregnant faster than those who don’t.  

The higher your BMI, the higher the struggle might be to become pregnant. Now, this isn’t true for all women, but the vast majority. 

Here is an amazing article on all the benefits of exercising to increase fertility. 

If you don’t regularly exercise like me, start small! 

Doing 15-minute cardio workouts, 4 times a week will definitely give you that boost you are looking for. 


Just please, do not over-exercise or do strenuous activity! This means being so out of breath you can feel your heart bursting out of the chest. 

Over-exercising your body will put unnecessary strain on yourself, reversing the actual impact you are hoping to achieve. 


3. Start Taking Supplements 


Listen to your body, not only when it is screaming pain, but also whispering. 

Even with a better and nutritious food intake, focus on balancing your hormones as best as possible. 

Visit your doctor or natural health practitioner and ask them for recommendations on supplements to take to improve your chances of fertility! 

If you do not have access to supplements, doctors recommend taking prenatal vitamins while you are hoping to conceive. This gives you the best start right from the beginning as your body is ready to give the baby all it needs! 


I started taking DoTerra’s Lifelong Vitality Pack and some other supplements suggested by my coach. I noticed a change in my energy throughout the day, so much that I gave up my morning coffee completely! 

The Lifelong Vitality pack comes in a pack of 3 completely natural and organic supplements, expertly combined to improve your overall health, energy, vitality, metabolism, and give you all the necessary nutrients you need. 

If you are interested in DoTerra and want to learn more about the program and its huge benefits, enter your email below and I can help you get started! 

doterra lifelong vitality pack, boost fertility fast


4. Drink Even More Water! 

drinking more water

Okay, this one might seem typical, but it is so so so important! Drinking lots of water helps your body stay hydrated and function to its maximum ability.  

You might disregard this step… however because it is so easy… don’t let not drinking enough water be the only reason you aren’t conceiving! 

Try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. This does not include any sodas, juices, or coffees you are consuming! 

I got a cute bottle I liked from amazon and started drinking. It was super helpful as it had all the times and measurements right on the bottle, keeping me on track with my water intake! 

If you struggle to get in your water every day, make sure to try a water bottle that keeps you right on track!



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5. Try Dropping a few Pounds 

lose weight to increase fertility

This one is controversial, and please hear me out. 

If you are at healthy body weight, you do not need to lose any more weight! 

Only with permission and recommendation of a doctor or specialist, should you lose weight when trying to get pregnant. This should also only be done slowly and naturally. 

I am in no way a specialist or doctor, so please check with your personal doctor before doing this. 

In general, if you are higher on the BMI scale, pediatricians sometimes do recommend losing weight as it increases your chances of conceiving. However, please disregard this step if you are in the healthy weight category or below. 

However, dropping a few pounds seemed to help me! 

Through implementing all the tips above, I lost 10 pounds (or approx. 5 kg) within that month which shocked me!  

I do not lose weight easily, and although it wasn’t my focus, I was very happy as I had gained some weight while breastfeeding.  



6. Get to Know your Cycle 

track cycle days, how to get pregnant fast

Tracking your cycle, knowing your ovulation and fertile days, and which days you are not fertile is a huge help. 

Track your period with a bullet journal, or app, anything goes. 

I have tried both, and personally like a bullet journal for customization purposes.

However, a cycle tracking app is simpler and faster. After entering your information and past cycles, it lets you know when you are fertile and your chances of pregnancy, which are really helpful features.

On those days, you know what to do. 

While I did not track my fertile days, I did track my cycle lengths, and in case you do get pregnant, you will want to know when your last period was! 



7. Quit Smoking and Drinking 

quit smoking and drinking when trying to conceive

Smoking and drinking negatively impact your health and the future health of your baby. They are strongly discouraged as they can cause abnormalities and even health complications for your unborn baby. 

If you are trying to conceive and are currently smoking or drinking regularly. Focus first on stopping these habits before continuing to try to conceive. 


8. Stop Trying and Obsessing 

woman upset

This might sound contradictory to our goal here, but research suggests over obsessing about becoming pregnant might decrease your chances of a possible pregnancy.  

I had that feeling, not being able to wait for that positive pregnancy test. And it was hard. 

If you are hopeful each month yet feel scared to be disappointed again. Maybe give it a break from trying to conceive. 

This mental break is often the last roadblock to conceiving. 

Give it a break for a few months, implement these tips above, and take a few deep breaths. 


Getting pregnant and trying to conceive can be a long waiting game for many people. However, patience, perseverance, and hope are what bring you to success in the long run. 


If you need some motivation or just need to rant to someone, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment below. Also consider signing up for our weekly newsletter, where we bring you even more tips and motivation every week!

I’d love to hear from you. 


Until next time, 



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