My Honest Opinion on the Kegg Fertility Review 

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Tracking your fertility and trying to conceive has never been easier with the kegg. I tried it out for a while, so you don’t have to!  All you have to do is read this kegg fertility review and decide for yourself if this is something you have been missing out on! 

And trust me, it probably is! 

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What is the kegg? 

This little device is your gateway to making tracking your fertility and conceiving simple and easy. No more marking calendar days, tracking your temperature, or even observing your cervical mucus.  

The kegg makes tracking your fertility easy with 3 simple steps for under 2 minutes a day. 

The kegg is a little silicone device that is shaped like a teardrop with a long-bent tail. Its sleek and minimal design lets you be able to leave it on the bathroom counter without raising too many suspicious eyebrows.  

It comes with the kegg device itself, a charging pod, charger, and instruction manual, as well as a free app on the app store you connect your kegg with. 

Here is a video briefly explaining the kegg and how to use it:

How does the kegg work? 

Basically, the kegg analyzes your cervical mucus through very low-level electrical pulses. Based on how your cervical mucus reacts with the pulses is how far along in your cycle you are. 

According to the kegg website, “Within the fertility cycle, increasing estrogen causes the electrolyte levels in cervical fluid to change. kegg uses a proven and precise measurement technology to detect the fertile window and hormonal switch from estrogen to progesterone dominance that comes with ovulation.” 

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How do you use the kegg? 

Once you have connected the kegg to the free app, it prompts you to get your first reading done. You can choose from 2 options. 

  1. Fertility Reading – A quick fertility reading done in under 2 minutes. 
  1. Fertility Reading with Kegels – taking up to 5 minutes, the kegg does a fertility reading while guiding you through Kegel exercises. 

You simply take the clean kegg and carefully insert it into the vagina, leaving the long tail end sticking out. 

Once the reading has been completed you can remove the kegg carefully.  

On the app, there are also options to track your mucus, temperature, days you had sexual intercourse, and a ton of other symptoms and signs you may be experiencing. 

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My kegg fertility review 

I first tried the kegg when I was 9 months postpartum. While we were not trying for another baby, I was wondering if my breastfeeding was keeping me from ovulating and if there was still a chance for me to get pregnant. I wasn’t on any form of birth control, so the kegg helped me see if I was ovulating. 

Disclaimer: The kegg has not been proven yet to be effective in the use of preventing pregnancies. I knew this but was just curious about how my body was reacting to breastfeeding. The kegg is not a contraception device. 

Turns out my body does not ovulate while breastfeeding. I gathered this information as the kegg showed me no form of significant change during a few months. Any change in temperature or vaginal mucus could indicate a cycle or ovulation, mine was simply a straight line on the graph. 

I stopped using the kegg momentarily. 

As my baby grew into a toddler, we wanted to start trying for our 3rd baby. I had stopped breastfeeding and gotten my period back. So I got out the kegg and started tracking my cycles. 

I keep it on the counter in my bathroom. So, every morning while I was putting on makeup or doing my hair the kegg would take 2 minutes to do its thing. 

I would open the app, insert the clean kegg, and do my daily readings. Not once did inserting or removing the kegg hurt in any way. If you can insert a tampon, the kegg should not be a challenge to get positioned correctly. 

My results would come back, and I got to see if I was ovulating or not. I found it quite fun to see where my body was on that day and how it would change throughout the month. 

And lo and behold, after the first month of trying to conceive, we had that big fat positive! Never had we conceived that quickly before! 

Overall, I was very impressed with the technology of the kegg, how easy and simple it was to use, and how it took up really no time at all. I also noticed an increase in pelvic floor strength as I could hold my need to use the bathroom longer than before. 

And that is just my experience and kegg fertility review, read more incredible kegg fertility reviews on the kegg website if you want more opinions! 

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Should you buy a kegg? 

While there are other ways of tracking your fertility such as tracking your temperature, vaginal mucus, or period cycles, there isn’t a for sure way of seeing which day you ovulate. 

Kegg provides you with an easy-to-use way of seeing your cycle and maximizing your chances of conceiving. 

It has also been shown to increase the rate of conception of people who have PCOS, irregular cycles, or are over 40. 

If trying to conceive is a stressful time of life for you, you are struggling to get the hang of your cycle, or are simply wanting more insight into how your body goes through its monthly cycle the kegg may be right for you! 

Plus, with their 12-month pregnancy guarantee, what else do you have to lose? 

To learn more about kegg head on over to their website, or contact me about my kegg fertility review if you need more info I’ll be glad to answer any questions through email or in the comments below! 

Until next time, 

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