20 Most Loved Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms

pregnant at christmas time

Choosing that perfect pregnancy gifts for first-time moms may seem impossible. Whether it’s your wife, daughter, sister, cousin, or even friend, the perfect gift should be useful, sentimental, and thoughtful. 

Well, worry no more! We have it all figured out for you. 

Through lots of experience, and all the things I wish somebody would gift me during my pregnancies, these are the best pregnancy gifts for first-time moms! 


20 Most Loved Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms 

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Nursing Robe/Pyjama Sets 

maternity night dress as pregnant gift for first-time-mom

This 3 in 1 delivery/labor/nursing nightgown is the perfect gift for any soon to be mom. With soft and stretchy fabric, this nightgown is super comfortable and practical. 

The zipper on the sides of the nightgown makes breastfeeding in the hospital and at home so easy and practical, especially during the night. 

With so many different colors to choose from, you can pick the one which best suits the special first-time mom! 

Little Tip: In case this might be used as a delivery and labor gown, make sure to get a darker color (preferably black) and stains will not be as easily visible. 


Pamper Night Sets 

spa set

Getting that soon to be a mom a pamper or spa night set would be a huge hit! 

Most likely that special woman in your life is going through morning sickness, growing pains, and lack of sleep. Getting something to perk up her mood and sense of well-being is hugely appreciated! 


Pregnancy Pillows 

pregnancy pillow c-pillow

Oh, the well-loved and well used pregnancy pillow. Where pregnant women end up kicking anybody out of bed to make sure they have space for their pillow. 

I absolutely love my pregnancy pillow, and can’t sleep a night without it. Grant it, I am pregnant. However, I still slept with it when I wasn’t pregnant, it’s just so comfy! 

Not sure which pregnancy pillow to buy as there is a gazillion out there? Check out our quiz to find your perfect pregnancy pillow match!


Nausea Drops 

tummy drops to help nausea

These are a literal life-saver during the first trimester. With soothing herbal ginger properties, these candies help ease that queasy morning sickness.  

Got a newly pregnant lady in your life? She will thank you a million times for these, trust me. These and a few other first trimester essentials would make the perfect pregnancy gift for first-time moms!


Diaper Bags 

diaper bag

These diaper bags are genius. With compartments for bottles, diapers, and all the odds and ends needed, these diaper bags are sure to save your sanity once your little one is around! 

I went through my first babe without one of these and just used my regular purse. Let’s just say I could never close the zipper… it was that stuffed! 

But then finding out I was pregnant not even 2 years after my firstborn, I decided to splurge and get myself a diaper bag. Needless to say, I LOVE IT!  

They are so super convenient and just make mom life a hundred times easier! 


Diaper Cakes 

diaper cake pregnancy gift for first-time-mom

This gift requires a little DIY’ing, however, it is totally worth it, super cute, and amazingly practical! The concept of a cake, but in actual diapers, what a genius idea! 

If you are unsure of how to create such a masterpiece, check out this post to learn more. 


Maternity Support Belt 

maternity support belt

I cannot stress this enough. This. Saved. My. Pregnancy! 

I worked full-time at a daycare until 8 months pregnant. That means I was up on my feet, jumping around, or even crawling on the floor all day. 

And my back was killing me. 

Until, I got one of these beauties, and I basically never took it off. 


The maternity support belt helps take off the extra weight and pressure your big baby belly causes from your back and pelvic bones. It gives you ease and comfort to move around and basically acts like a crane holding up your stomach. 

So, if you know of any pregnant woman complaining of hip/ and or back pain, this would be the most thoughtful gift out there to give them some much-needed comfort! 


Funny T-Shirts 

funny tshirt

Are you even pregnant if you don’t own at least one cheesy shirt? 

I’m not so sure!  

These t-shirts provide the ultimate giggles and wearability during pregnancy for that special pregnant first-time mom! 

With many different sayings, puns, and jokes, you can buy the right one for your special lady! 


Pregnancy Journal Book 

pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal can be an amazing way to log your pregnancy for future memories. From bump updates, weekly check-ins, lists, and spaces for photos, make sure to never forget a single detail in your special journey! 

If you don’t feel like spending money, I actually created my own FREE Pregnancy Journal for you to download and print! 

With over 50+ pages filled with amazing content, tips, trackers, and memories; you really can’t beat it. 


E-Book Banner Mobile

Just fill out the form below and have it sent right to your inbox! 


Hot Water Bottle 

hot water bottle pregnancy gift for first-time-moms

I believe every household should own at least one of these. 

From sore tummies, muscles, strains, aches, and cramps, these hot water bottles seem to soothe and help it all! 

This the ideal present for any pregnant woman experiencing back, hip, or leg pains, as well as any type of pains and contractions. 

Even during your period days, these can help relieve some of that pain. And yes, it would do exactly the same for labor contractions. 

So, grab one of these super cute and handy hot water bottles for that expectant momma! 


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Neck and Back Massager 

neck and back massager gift for pregnant woman

It really does sound as soothing as it is and is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long hard day. 

Use this neck massager on your upper or lower back for an instant at home, free massage. What more could a pregnant woman ask for? 


Foot Massager 

foot massager

Swelling during pregnancy is real and the feet get tired and exhausted quickly from carrying around all that extra weight. 

So, a foot massager may be the ideal present! 

With a built-in heating function, this massager can’t be beaten. Especially as you can simply turn it on with your toe, no bending down required! 




Now this one may seem like a joke, but trust me, the struggle is real. 

Bending down to pick anything up at the end of pregnancy is near to impossible, so this grabber will make life so much easier.  

This is especially true if that expecting mom has other children and is constantly picking up toys and cleaning up after them. 

This will save her some serious back and hip pains during those last few months! 


Compression Socks 

compression sock gift for pregnant woman

My #1 must-have for any pregnant woman dealing with swollen, puffy feet. 

These compression socks help aid blood flow by compressing your legs and pumping the blood up again. 

No more needing to constantly put your feet up, as these socks help prevent pain in the first place! 

I actually have these, and couldn’t imagine life without them. So please, make their day (actually their pregnancy) and purchase them some of these socks! 


Gift Cards for Special Treats 

gift card present for pregnant woman

Probably one of the most commonly asked for pregnancy presents are massages, spa appointments, and pedicures. 

Give that special lady in your life a nice relaxing treat and help her feel a little more put together during these hard months. She probably can’t remember the last time she felt relaxed and totally at ease or the last time she saw her toenails! 

A gift card to one of her favorite places or even a pre-booked appointment is sure to make her week! 


Breast Pump 

breast pump present for first-time-mom

Now to a more functional present, breast pumps.  

I didn’t think I would need one until I was counting the hours until the delivery truck would drop off my breast pump at my front door. 

Breastfeeding often doesn’t go as planned, and using a breast pump during those first few weeks can really help save the new momma’s sanity. 

So, if you are wanting to buy something super functional, buy this breast pump. 

And I highly recommend it as it is the one I bought and love so dearly! Definitely worth the extra money! 


Memory Picture Frame 

memory frame picture for newborn baby

Now, this is super cute and adorable, and such a beautiful memory to have! 

While most pregnant mommas may not spend the money on such a décor piece, gifting this to them will be so special. As it will for sure be something they hang on to for the rest of their life. 


Meal Subscriptions

meal subscription

One of the most common complaints of new moms is feeling overwhelmed with having to cook and clean. 

So, help take some of that stress of their shoulders and help them ease into their new role as a mom. 


Buy them a meal subscription service such as Hello Fresh for at least those first month or two after birth. It will make their life so much easier, letting them take time to bond with baby and recover. 

Having help such as this is actually one of the top recommended methods of preventing postpartum depression.  


Hello Fresh provides families with the opportunity to make healthy, customizable meals at home. You choose your plan, serving sizes, and recipes, and they deliver it straight to your door! 

A small amount of prep is needed, but that usually takes less than 30 minutes for a gourmet meal. Even dads who have no cooking experience can follow these simple instructions and provide the ultimate steak meal for the family! 

If you are interested, make sure to check out Hello Fresh and their amazing program at a really great price! 


Nursing Pillow 

breast feeding pillow

A nursing pillow is a must-have for any breastfeeding momma and will make the perfect pregnancy gift for first-time moms you need to buy a gift for! 

It enables the baby to lay comfortably on the pillow, propping it up to the perfect height for the most comfortable breastfeeding position. 

So, if you know of any first-time moms wanting to breastfeed, this pillow will make their journey oh so much more comfortable and easier! 


Duffel Bag 

duffel bag for hospital bag perfect gift for pregnant woman

A new and cute duffel bag will make the hospital stay during labor and delivery even more special! While you may not have enough to pack an entire suitcase for the hospital, duffel bags are the perfect size for the hospital packing list. 

From different styles, colors, and sizes, you can choose the one your special expectant momma would like best! 



pregnancy gift jewelry

What girl doesn’t love jewelry? Especially when it has a special meaning. 

This simple, thoughtful, and beautiful necklace is perfect for any first-time moms! With a special message on the necklace and on the box, any pregnant mom is sure to love it! 

And on top of this, you can even customize the type of material, gold or silver, to match the preferences to your liking! 



Choosing presents are hard, especially when it seems the expectant first-time-mom already has everything prepared and set up. 

With these gifts ranging from sentimental to practical, you can choose the best fitting present yourself. Hope one of these will make the perfect pregnancy gifts for first-time moms you are buying presents for!


If you ever owned one of these items, did you love it? And if you aren’t sure what to buy her yet, leave a comment below and we will make sure to get back to you! What other things would you recommend as pregnancy gifts for first-time-moms?


Until next time, 


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