Pregnancy Morning Sickness Relief – 8 Ways to Curb your Nausea

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You are pregnant, or at least think you are pregnant as you have been feeling queasier and sicker lately. This could be a strong indicator of pregnancy, as 70% of pregnant women experience morning sickness. 

However, you don’t want to be a walking pile of vomit for the next weeks, so there must be something to help, right? 

There is only ONE way to get rid of morning sickness… with time. 

Sorry to be the one to break it to you. Your trusty sidekick will be around for a while, and only disappear once you are further on in your pregnancy, usually around week 12. 

However, there are ways to help battle your morning sickness and find some much-needed relief. 


But first off, what are some symptoms of pregnancy morning sickness? 


Pregnancy Morning Sickness Symptoms 

-nauseous, queasy seasick feeling 

-often in the mornings, but can come throughout the day 

-strong aversions to foods and smells 

-feeling sick after eating 



Do these symptoms sound all too familiar? If yes, these 8 tips may help gentle your pregnancy morning sickness into a thing of the past and help you feel somewhat human-like during these first months! 

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8 Ways to Help your Pregnancy Morning Sickness and Find Much Needed Relief 


1. Keep Track of What Makes you Sick 

pregnancy morning sickness

Certain smells, foods, and actions may make you feel more queasy than normal. 

Keeping track of these “nausea triggers” helps you avoid these things during the first few weeks. 

For example… ground beef. 

I couldn’t stand the smell or sight of ground beef in my first pregnancySo for those first few weeks opted for chicken or other proteins and meals. 

Finding out what you can and cannot eat will help make those first few months run a lot smoother. 

Can’t remember what you ate? Maybe start writing down everything you eat on a piece of paper or food logging app! 


2. Eat What you Can 

eat what you can during pregnancy

You may feel like eating, or you also may not feel like eating anything. Really depends on you and your pregnancy.  

In those first few weeks, crackers or something bland might be your go-to. Those bland foods are usually easier on the digestion and tend to have calming benefits to your stomach. And if that’s all you can eat, hey it’s okay! 

I could only stomach fruits and vegetables for both of my pregnancies, and that’s what I ate. 

Find what brings you and your stomach joy and eat that. Your baby doesn’t need a lot of nutrients yet as it is still so tiny. 

However, try opting for healthier versions of these foods if possible. So even though ice cream may sound good, try to limit yourself on these sweet indulges as sugar may end up bringing your nausea back! 


3. Eat Frequently, Never Go Hungry! 

small meals

Eating small, yet frequent meals with snacks in between may help calm your stomach. That queasiness you are feeling? It may just be hunger, as a hungry stomach makes lots of pregnant women feel sick. 

Never stuff yourself or eat until you are completely full, this will put too much pressure on your digestion and you will end up feeling super full, bloated, and sick. 

Try it out for a few days and cut your meal sizes in half, yet eaten two or three times as often and normal.  


4. Get in Those Fluids 

drink more water during pregnancy

Drinking water has been shown to help ease your morning sickness. Especially if you add in some lemon juice or a few drops of lemon oil. 

If you are a huge tea or coffee fan and find they make you feel sick, try drinking hot water with some lemon. This always helped keep my morning sickness down and makes you feel nice and refreshed in the mornings! 

Drinking lots of water during this time is also important for fetal development, as baby is starting to grow and will need more water for amniotic fluid to start storing. 

Doctors recommend pregnant women drink 3 glasses more a day, so instead of the well-known 8 glasses of water a day rule, add 3 more to make it 11! 


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5. Take Prenatal Supplements before Bed 

prenatal vitamins

Struggling to take your prenatal vitamins because they make you feel queasy and sick? Yup, that’s what they are known to do. 

So instead of ditching those valuable minerals and vitamins you and your baby needs, try taking them right before bed. Like literally when you are all ready and lying in bed for the night. 

Drinking them and falling asleep shortly after will help you sleep through that nausea. 

Lifesaver? Yup, I think so. 


6. Try Lemons! 

lemons help with morning sickness

Like I mentioned before, anything citrusy, especially lemons help reduce your morning sickness. 

Lemons contain neutralizing acids that help form bicarbonates; a compound that helps relieve nausea. 

In water, in meals, or even smelling lemon oil in a diffuser will help calm everything down and curb that seasick feeling! 

My favorite way of helping curb nausea? Sour candies. Especially these lemon head candy. So easy to grab and go if you are a busy momma. 


7. Ginger this, Ginger that 

ginger to curb nausea

Another common food known to help with morning sickness is ginger. 

Whether that is with ginger ale, smelling ginger, adding ginger to water or ginger tea, or even these tummy soothing ginger candy drops. Just like the lemons, ginger helps soothe and calm down any sickness you have been feeling. So why not give it a try? 


8. Rest and Go Slow! 

woman tired from pregnancy

Often times, morning sickness can get worse with anxiety, stress, or lack of sleep. 

Your body is going through some incredible changes at the moment, so be sure to give it some slack! 

A nap here and there might be the trick to try and sleep off some of that nausea, however, if not possible try the other remedies above! 


Give these tips above and let me know if any of these have helped you. 

And remember, pregnancy morning sickness will eventually go away. So, don’t despair and hold on tight you strong momma! 


Until next time, 



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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Morning Sickness Relief – 8 Ways to Curb your Nausea”

  1. #3 is the one that worked for me. It seemed very counter intuitive to me but it worked to snack often on nuts and make sure I didn’t go too long without some food.

    1. Hi Scarlet, yes I agree! Often what seems to work are the most counter intuitive and surprising things. Snacking more regularly and eating smaller meals was also a game changer for me.

  2. I’d just like to add that some mamas will have this worse than others. Whereas a good friend of mine was sick the whooolllle 9 months, I only had food aversions for a few weeks. It was weird…cheesy, gooey things that I normally would find appealing I would look at pictures of on Pinterest or somewhere and be like “UGH, no.” and have kind of a yucky feeling come over me. But I never actually got nauseated. So, there is hope! You might not experience much!

    1. Hello Tasha, I agree with you! As I mentioned at the beginning, it totally depends on the pregnancy. I have a daughter and am expecting another girl, yet was not sick at all with the first, but am still feeling sick and have food aversions with the second! There is always hope in these things like you said! Thank you for your comment!

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