24 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Pregnant During Christmas

woman pregnant at christmas

Being pregnant during the Christmas season sure brings a lot of joy and happiness, but to be honest, a lot of tears and struggles too. 
Whether you are newly pregnant and haven’t announced your Christmas pregnancy yet, or you are already expecting around Christmas time, there will be certain things you will experience that nobody mentioned and warned you about. 
Out of the last 3 Christmases, I was pregnant twice, once early on and once expecting right after Christmas, so you can say I’ve been through it all. 

But anyway, let’s get right to it: 

24 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Pregnant During Christmas 

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1. Those Christmas Movies? More like Christmas Cry Sessions

Being Pregnant increases your chances of crying by 65%. So, all of those lovely hallmark movies that bring the Christmas spirit and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? 

Yeah. Expect to cry throughout the entire movie. But hey, sometimes it feels good to let it all out! 

2. Cue the Angry Pregnant Lady 

Christmas season is known for the horrible driving habits, long wait lines, and bad customer service due to increased demand. When you’re pregnant, expect to be at even more rage at all the people who can’t keep their shopping carts in their lane at the store. 

Hence, cue the angry pregnant lady! 

3. You Have the Perfect Excuse to Leave Early 

Stuck at Christmas parties? Not anymore! Being Pregnant during the Holiday Season gives you the perfect excuse to leave early, and no one will question it! 

4. More Naps, No Guilty Feeling! 

The exhaustion is real, so naps are going to be your best friend. So, don’t feel guilty when you need those extra few naps during the day.  

Even at a family gathering, nobody will question you zoning out at the couch! 

5. You Get to Eat Everything You Want! 

Probably the most loved pregnancy perk of all times, you can indulge in everything and anything you want! 

So yes, eat all the pickles and mashed potatoes you want. You are eating for two, right? 

6. Holiday Outfits? Nah. 

You know all those cute tight-fitting holiday dresses that bring out your best features? Don’t even bother trying them on. 

You can wear anything you want! So maternity leggings and a sweater to a party? Why not? It’s comfort that matters most now. 

Make sure to read 12 Winter Pregnancy Must-Haves to Survive the Cold to grab all the essentials you need!

7. Road Trips Become Harder 

I am a huge fan of road trips, but not when pregnant! Road trips become so much harder, uncomfortable, and worrying.  

You will find yourself constantly on the hunt for the next available bathroom.  

Take this from a 5-month pregnant lady who went on a 24-hour road trip without a single hotel stay. And this was one way, we went all the way back too! 

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8. Your Heartburn Will Be Through the Roof! 

All those fizzy punch bowls and drinks will leave your heartburn to the max. The overindulgence of cookies and olives may also have something to do with it. 

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9. Your Growing Baby Leaves Less Room for Food 

I hated this. All the yummy food, yet I could only eat half of a serving before feeling stuffed.  

And the worst part? Once everybody is done eating and full, you will be hungry again! There’s no getting it right it seems. 

10. You Will Worry More About Road Conditions 

If you live somewhere in the cold, on a mountain, and a bit away from the city (ahem, me) you will find yourself worrying more and more about the road conditions. 

Will you make it to the hospital on time? How much sooner do you have to leave? Can you even leave early enough? 

Try testing out your hospital route beforehand and look at different routes in case traffic jams and bad roads are currently in effect. 

11. New Perspective on Baby Jesus’ Birth 

Being pregnant during Christmas will give you a whole new perspective on the birth of Baby Jesus. It’s not just a miracle he came down to earth, but also that he survived as a baby, considering the birthing conditions. 

12. Half of the Doctors Will be Gone 

It’s the holidays, who can blame them for wanting to spend time with their families? Expecting your baby during the holidays may mean you have fewer appointments and fewer doctors and nurses in the hospital. 

But don’t worry, they have doctors and nurses on call in case some more are needed in the hospital.

13. Everything, Everything is About the Baby! 

You will find any comments, remarks, and presents revolve around your new baby. It’s exciting, who can blame them? 

You just may find yourself asking “what about me?”. Make sure to get some time for yourself during the holidays as well! 

14. You Will Have a Harder Time Hiding Early Pregnancy 

Everything stinks, you feel sick all the time, and just the thought of eating a big fat turkey makes you want to gag. Aside from the fact that you won’t be able to consume any alcohol or wine, this makes hiding an early pregnancy during the holidays super hard. 

However, with some planning, maybe some fizzy water with an orange slice to mask the non-alcohol rule and some frequent bathroom breaks, you may be able to keep it to yourself! 

15. You Will Receive More Comments on Your Huge Belly Than Ever Before! 

More socializing means more comments. And if you are expecting around Christmas or after, expect to hear “wow you are so huge!” a million times. 

But hey, don’t take it personally. Soon you will look back and laugh about how big you truly were! 

16. Amazon Prime is Coming, To Town! 

Cheesy, I know. But I couldn’t help myself ha-ha. 

Being pregnant makes getting out of the house so much harder. And trust me, with all those super long Christmas line ups and sketchy roads, you will not want to go shopping. 

So, online shopping it is! And I suggest getting Amazon Prime, super-fast and affordable delivery, plus try it for free for the next 30 days with our special link right here!

Free and fast shipping? What more could a pregnant woman ask for? 

17. Your Baby Registry Will Actually Be Bought! 

All those Christmas presents mean more baby items! People are in a spending mood around Christmas, so this means all those higher-end items on your baby registry will be bought. 

And the best thing about it? Set up your Baby Registry on Amazon with Amazon Prime Shipping, and you’ll have super cute items arriving at your house all the time, plus amazing freebies, and who doesn’t like free things? 

18. Eat Even More Than You “Need To” 

Hey, sometimes your baby needs to eat 5 cookies with a big glass of milk. And nobody can stop you! 

You will probably find yourself eating more than you need to, but that’s because you are eating for your baby too! 

19. Flat Shoes all the Way! 

All those fancy heels you have? You will most likely ditch them for boots and flats. Walking while pregnant is already uncomfortable enough.  

But walking in heels? Yeah. No thank you! 

20. Make Resting a Priority 

All the holiday shopping, parties, cookie baking, and decorating will leave you more tired than ever. So, make sure to actually schedule in times for naps and “nights in” where a nice bath and pajamas are the way to go! 

21. Why are all the Baby Clothes Even Cuter? 

You will most likely find yourself swarming in baby clothes and accessories, as Christmas seems to make everything appear even cuter and adorable than before. 

But blame the spending mindset. 

22. There is More Magic in the Air for all the Announcements! 

Announcing your pregnancy is always a super special and exciting moment, however, announcing your pregnancy during Christmas comes with even more magic and excitement. 

Everybody is in a joyful mood and a big surprise like this usually ends up in even more tears! 

Not sure how to announce your Christmas pregnancy? Check out our post on the 12 cutest ways to announce your Christmas pregnancy! 

23. You Won’t be Able to Wait for Christmas Season! 

Expecting around Christmas may mean you are already singing Christmas carols in September and October. Take it from a woman with experience. 

There is just something even more special about this Christmas as I am expecting my second child. So, if you are in a similar boat, you can join me in drinking hot chocolate and looking up Christmas crafts during the fall season! 

24. You Already Have the Best Gift 

Being pregnant during Christmas means you already have the best gift, a new baby! And no gift will be able ever to top it.  

So be prepared to be a tiny bit disappointed in your presents this year as you await the arrival of your tiny loved one. 

What do you think? Were you ever pregnant around Christmas time? Did any of these hold true for you? And if not, what were some of your pros and cons about being pregnant at Christmas? Let me know in the comments below! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Until next time and happy holidays, 


2 thoughts on “24 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Pregnant During Christmas”

  1. I can attest to all these things being true! I was 9 months pregnant in December, baby born Dec 31st. So true about travel. My husband and I stayed home and had our own Thanksgiving and Christmas because my family is ~4 hrs away and the car ride would just have been too hard on my aching back.

  2. This post was so great, filled with humor and good points! I like #3 about being able to leave parties early and the benefit of eating whatever you want! Haha! Loved your 24 things! 🙂

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