Ultimate List of What to do in Winter When Pregnant!

what to do in winter when pregnant

Being pregnant during winter certainly has its pros and cons, yet here are some things that will let you know what to-do in winter when pregnant!

So, don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying, relaxing, and making amazing memories! As you will be pregnant only once with this child, so you better soak it up all you can!

Without further a do, here are the 14 things you have to do in winter when pregnant.

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A Winter Maternity Photoshoot

winter maternity photoshoot is a must do when pregnant

There is just something magical about a winter photoshoot. From the cozy clothes to the sparkling white scenery, you really can’t beat a winter maternity photoshoot. 

Not a fan of the cold? Even an indoor photoshoot with you lounging by the fire are sure to be a super cute hit. 

And little location tip, a Christmas tree farm makes for the cutest venue! 

Not convinced about braving the cold? Check out some of these photos that are sure to change your mind. 

Get Lots of Rest! 

Being pregnant during winter sure has its advantages, as you have more time and opportunities to get some much-needed rest. 

Nobody is heading out to the beach now, and when the roads are bad you are stuck at home. But hey, that only gives you permission to cuddle up with a good book or follow one of your hobbies! 

What are some of your favorite “resting” activities? 

Take Advantage of Online Shopping 


Online shopping has changed the way pregnant women venture throughout the world. No more fighting the cold and standing in insane lines to get all your Christmas shopping done. 

Online shopping lets you shop while you rest and stay nice and cozy at home. 

The ultimate online shopping platform? Probably Amazon Prime. Nothing beats the same day or two-day shipping right to your front door, and most likely you’ll find everything you could ever need! And if you want to try it out for free for the first 30 days, make sure to sign up by clicking on the banner below!

Even getting your grocery pick up done will be a huge lifesaver. Plus, grocery pickups seem to always have good deals which lets you save money in the end! 

Dress in Layers 

A total what to do when pregnant this winter is to always dress in layers. We all know the struggle, sometimes you are freezing cold, and the next hour you can be sweating hot. 

It’s a pain, that’s for sure!

So, dressing in layers that you can take on and off will be a huge lifesaver. 

Little extra food for thought, who understands the concept of pregnancy cardigans anyway? They don’t even go over your bump! So, make sure to save some money and just buy normal cardigans this year. 

Keep Yourself Healthy

woman taking prenatals

Winter is also “fondly” known as the cold and flu season, and being pregnant, this can hit you even harder and take you longer to recover from. 

So, make sure to stay healthy and prevent any diseases if possible. Washing your hands frequently is a no-brainer, but also take care to sanitize high-traffic areas frequently if you are working or are out and about. 

Taking your prenatal vitamins also helps give your body the necessary nutrients and supplements it needs to fight off any bad bacteria. So, make sure to take those regularly! 

Comfy Clothes all the Way! 

Winter is all about the leggings and sweaters, and we pregnant ladies are all here for it! 

Dressing in comfy clothes during pregnancy is a must, but especially if you’re pregnant during the winter. No tight jeans and figure-hugging shirts for you. Soft pajamas and slippers sound more like it. 

Even if you’re out and about, a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater or cardigan is definitely the way to go, and nobody will question you. It’s winter, and you’re pregnant! 

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Drink all the Hot Drinks

winter pregnancy must-haves, christmas drinks

Slurp up your favorite drinks this winter season and use your pregnancy cravings to the full extent. I even recommend having the necessary materials on hand to make your favorite winter drinks at home. 

Because even snowstorms and unsafe roads aren’t going to stop any pregnancy cravings when they hit! 

And hey, don’t feel guilty for drinking like 4 cups of hot chocolate a day, you’re pregnant, so it’s time to indulge and enjoy this passing moment in life. 

So if you’re unsure of what to do in winter when pregnant, grab yourself a hot cup of your favourite drink first! You can never go wrong there!

Pamper Yourself 

More nights in mean more time for yourself! And girl, you need some pampering when you’re pregnant. 

Make sure to give your body some TLC as it’s going through this crazy changing time. And plus, when is the last time you saw your toenails? Even more of an excuse to go get that pedicure! 

Even a nice hot bath can be so rewarding and calming, especially when you’re dealing with Braxton hick’s contractions and early labor pains. With a warm bath, Braxton hicks will typically go away, whereas labor pains will seem milder, but not stop completely. So little tip for you there! 

Splurge on Yourself! 

what to do in winter when pregnant

It’s the time of giving and receiving, so why not buy that little something you have always wanted? Whether it’s something to pamper yourself, a new piece of clothing or jewelry, make sure to splurge on yourself at least once this winter season. 

I mean, look at you. Growing a baby and surviving a cold harsh winter, all the credit goes out to you momma! So, make sure to treat yourself here and there! 

Eat all the Cookies

Being pregnant gives you an excuse to eat all the cookies and yummy baked goods you want, so take full advantage of this! 

There’s nothing like cuddling up on the couch with your favorite snacks, and hey, you’re burning more calories now anyways, so you better make up for it with some extra cookies, right? 

Go on Fun Adventures 

winter pregnant fun adventures

Even though it’s winter, you don’t have to be cooped up inside all day. So, if you’re needing to get out, a must-do if you’re pregnant this winter season is to go on pregnant appropriate adventures! 

Especially if this is not your first pregnancy, you most likely have a toddler or child that needs to get out, so doing something you can do together will be best! 

  • Driving around town and rating the house’s Christmas lights is a fun afternoon activity, one where you can literally sit and relax in your car! 
  • Decorating gingerbread houses can also be super fun, even if you do it at home or at a different location. Plus, who doesn’t like eating all the candy from them in the end? 
  • Visiting Christmas tree farms and Christmas markets are also super fun and pregnant friendly activity. Just make sure you’re not picking out a tree and having to lug it back to your car! 
  • And for those of you who like to stay indoors, a Christmas movie marathon is a must-do if you’re pregnant this winter. Just make sure to have your tissues ready, because being pregnant increases your chance of crying by at least 65%! 

So if you’re unsure of what to do in winter when pregnant, here are some ideas to get you started!

Plan and Set up the Nursery 

Staying indoors gives you ample opportunity to get that nursery done! From online shopping for furniture and décor pieces to setting up those final touches, now is the time. 

But hey, take it nice and slow. Baby won’t care and notice if the pictures are missing on the wall and the color on the wall is a bit off.  

So, rest while you can and set up your nursery when you feel like it! 

Freezer Meal Prep 

freezer meal prep

Probably one of the most genius and convenient things to do is freezer meal prep! Take a day to whip up a bunch of meals or throw everything into freezer bags for a quick dump and go crockpot meal.  

Doing this will take off so much strain when you’re postpartum as you will have meals ready to go, and you can spend more time recovering and bonding with your new baby. 

Still working and don’t have the time to freezer meal prep? Simply making a double batch of everything in the next little while and freezing half of it will also work great!  

To explain, instead of making one shepherd’s pie for dinner, why not make two and freeze one for the coming months? 

Announce Your Winter Pregnancy! 

There is always something super special and exciting about announcing a pregnancy, but if you announce your pregnancy during the winter, there is even more magic in the air than ever before! 

Plus, there are so many cute ways to announce your winter or Christmas pregnancy, so be sure to check out 12 Cutest Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for more ideas!

If you are announcing this Christmas season make sure to send me a picture of how you did it, I would love to see! 

Being pregnant during the winter season sure has its ups and downs, however, doing these things will help you live out your winter pregnancy happier and anxiety-free than before. Hope this answers your question on what to do in winter when pregnant and gives you tons of ideas and activities.

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6 thoughts on “Ultimate List of What to do in Winter When Pregnant!”

  1. These are such great tips! So important to get lots of rest and focus on your health. It’s also a wonderful idea to meal prep and freeze some meals.

    1. Yes it is definitely a lifesaver to meal prep, if you have the space haha. I am currently using up everything in our freezer to make room for some ready meals and crockpot dinners before baby is here. Lots of work now, but if hubby can cook for the first 2 weeks, it is so incredibly helpful!

  2. These are some fun ideas for what to do while you’re pregnant in winter. I was pregnant during some cold months in Vermont and was on bed rest at the end of my pregnancy. I actually enjoyed snuggling in by the fire, watching the beautiful snowy landscape outside our home, and dreaming about our sweet baby girl. There are some benefits to a winter pregnancy for sure!

    1. Oh man bed rest is super hard, but absolutely worth it in the end! That is so true, as everybody is inside lots in the winter anyways, you don’t feel so left out when others are enjoying the warm weather!

  3. I had one pregnancy in the summer and one in the winter. I honestly loved my winter pregnancy way more. Like you said comfy clothes and an excellent excuse to go no where and be lazy. Plus you get back to back holiday foods that I definitely indulged in.

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