Which Pregnancy Pillow is Best For Me? A Quiz

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Pregnancy pillows can be a huge game-changer for expecting moms, as your big baby bump is making it harder and harder to catch some comfortable sleep. Yet, how do you choose the best pregnancy pillow for you when there are seemingly hundreds to choose from?

If you are pregnant, you already know sleeping isn’t the most comfortable thing at the moment, actually, nothing is. 

So, we are here to bring you the most amazing invention ever, pregnancy pillows! 

Cue the cheers and the much wanted ZZZ’s!

If you have heard anything about pregnancy you know there are like a gazillion choices of pregnancy pillows. So where to begin and what to choose? 

Well, we did the research, compiled all the best pregnancy pillows for you, and even made a handy dandy pregnancy quiz for you. So we can do the work in helping you choose the best one for you! 


Look out for the Quiz at the end of this post! 

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Best Reviewed on Amazon 

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Travel & Storage Bag 

pregnancy pillow c-pillow

If you trust other people’s judgement, this one is for you. With over 12,000 ratings and 4.5 stars, this pregnancy pillow tops the charts big time. 

With a C-shape full body pillow, it helps support your back, head, knees, and neck. 

The uses are endless, from sleeping, to reading, nursing, or even watching TV, get comfortable with this huge and gigantic pregnancy pillow! 



  • C-Shaped Full Body Pillow 
  • Canvas and Storage Bag Included 
  • Polyfill Material 
  • 57 inches long and 30 inches wide 


Review from Amazon.com: 

This pillow has changed my life. Bought it during my pregnancy to help me sleep on my side and it is super comfortable. My husband even used it one day as his back was hurting and I don’t think he moved at all through the night! I would use this pillow even if I wasn’t pregnant to just get a comfortable good nights rest. If you’re deciding between this and another pillow I would choose this one! Right level of firmness and I like that you can zip off the cover and throw in the wash! 


Best Pillow for Restless Sleepers 

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow and U-Shape Full Body Pillow 

best pregnancy pillow for you u-pillow

Are you the person who tosses and turns all night? Never finding the right position in bed. Then this may be the best pregnancy pillow for you. 

With a U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow, you get comfort from all sides, front and back. This pillow has been specifically designed for pregnant moms needing some much-needed sleep, and reviews prove they do! 

Like most pregnancy pillows, this one is multi-purpose, letting you get comfy when reading, doing work in bed, relaxing, nursing, or putting up your swollen legs after a long hard workday. 

Cons: due to the surrounding pillow if you sleep with a blanket, you may be sweating during the night. Just a heads up! 



  • Full U-Shape Body Pillow 
  • Bionic Polyethylene Filling 
  • Many different colors and sizes 


 Review from Amazon.com:

Bought this pillow in week 12 in pregnancy when I began experiencing discomfort sleeping. Now at 33 weeks, I continue to use this every night. It is so comfortable, supportive and light weight. It does not make me feel hot at all. I love that I don’t need to use a pillow with it, and that I can switch sides whenever I want without hauling the pillow over to the other side. The pillow is quite big, so ensure if you’re bed sharing with your partner that they are ready for the giant-ness that is the pillow! We have a queen size and do just fine with the two of us. 



Best Pillow on a Budget 

Vanlord Pregnancy Women Pillow 

u-budget pillow

If you are wanting to purchase a pregnancy pillow, but aren’t sure about the style, pricing and more, this one may be for you. 

With the loved u-shape pregnancy pillow, it has great reviews for a cheaper price than more popular brands of pillows. So, if you are on a budget and are unsure about the pricing of pillows, check this one out!  

Cons: It has one generic color (blue and pink) which may not be pleasing to some people. 



  • U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow 
  • Low Cost for Great Quality 
  • Washable Cover 


Review from Amazon.com

It is recommended to sleep on your side when you are pregnant and being a back sleeper all my life, I was experiencing a lot of discomfort sleeping since the middle of my second trimester. I was desperately looking for something that could help support my back and overall posture while sleeping and this pillow definitely helped a lot. I did not want to spend a lot of money as I thought I would only need to use it until I was pregnant. This is the cheapest pillow I could find on Amazon and I have no regrets on buying this. It definitely does the job and supports your posture making it comfortable to sleep sideways. 


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For Those Needing A Little Boost 

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity 

wedge pregnancy pillow best for you

Are you looking for some added comfort, yet aren’t experiencing any sleepless nights due to back and hip pain? Then a pregnancy wedge may be your answer. 

Much smaller than the other pregnancy pillows, this one you wedge underneath your baby belly, giving it that extra boost for comfort. Also, super convenient if you have a smaller bed or some (or many) furry sleeping companions. 

This pillow may be small but is quite versatile. Use it where you experience pain. Hip Pain? Place it between your legs. Back pain? Give your back some added support. Can’t get comfy due to your huge baby belly? Wedge it under your belly to give it a boost and some added comfort. 

Cons: Having it be so small, and a wedge, when you turn at night you either leave the pillow or need to re-adjust it every time you turn around. So, may not be the best option for restless sleepers. 



  • Wedge Shape 
  • 2 Sides, Soft and Firm 
  • Very Versatile in Use 
  • Comes with Travel Bag 
  • Perforated Foam Material 


Review from Amazon.com

This pillow is saving my life! I’m currently 7.5 months pregnant and wasn’t able to get comfortable after 5.5 months. It felt like the weight of my belly was pulling the entire front of my body into the mattress, to the point where even my skin hurt from being stretched. But now that my bump is supported, I don’t have that discomfort anymore. 

For the Already Side-Sleepers

ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow 

knee pillow

While this pillow may not be your average pregnancy pillow, it can be a game changer for those experiencing hip and pelvic discomfort. 

When laying on your side, your top leg is bent down, squishing your pubic bone in the process. While this is commonly not a big problem, in pregnancy, your pelvic and pubic bones are shifting, and this added strain can cause a lot of discomfort. This pain may also radiate into your lower back, a common pain point for pregnant mommas. 

You place this pillow in-between your thighs at night, positioning your legs to a “neutral” and “natural” position. 

So, if this sounds like you, make sure to check out the knee pillow.  

Cons: It doesn’t support you from rolling on your back or support your belly in any way.  



  • Knee Pillow for Between the Legs 
  • Made with Memory Foam 
  • Keeps Legs, Hips, and Spine in Ideal Alignment 


Review from Amazon.com:

I researched many knee pillows and I was looking for a product that was not too large and one that was comfortable. I am 5′ and 112 lbs side sleeper and this pillow is the perfect size and offers great support. It is very comfortable support and my hip pain is gone. Prior to buying this item, I would use a regular pillow and even tried a neck rest pillow – neither were helpful.

I noticed a difference the very first time I used this. It does not squash down but rather provides a temperpedic type of support. I considered a pillow with straps but decided against it after reading reviews of other pillows where it tangled up at night. This pillow stays in place thanks to the design. I often flip sides at night in my sleep and the design of this pillow helps it move with me and stay in place. Definitely would recommend! 

For the Snuggle Buddy

ELNIDO QUEEN Full Body Pillow Insert

body pillow

If you are a side sleeper, a snuggler, and can’t sleep without cuddling something or someone, this is for you.  

If you sleep with your husband or boyfriend, you may have heard them complaining about your big belly acting like a furnace in bed. Well, let me introduce you to your new pillow boyfriend or husband! 

This pillow is basically just a huge long pillow you can snuggle up with and give you some extra support and a whole lot of extra comfort! 

This pillow can be used as a side-sleeper snuggle pillow, something to support your back while you sleep, or even just a pillow for extra comfort during leisure activities such as reading or watching a movie! 

Cons: This one does not come with a cover, but for the price the cover wouldn’t be a huge add-on. You can also simply wash the entire pillow, yet this may be unhandy and not as practical as washing the pillow cover. 



  • Long Body Pillow 
  • Polyester Fibre Filling 
  • Very multi-purpose 
  • Machine Washable Pillow 


Review from Amazon.com:

I’m a side sleeper and I need to find something to support my back and neck. This one looks good so I decided to give it a try. It’s a comfortable and supportive pillow, very soft but can also keep its shape. It’s bigger than I thought and it says it’s machine-washable, but I’m a little bit worried if it could fit my washer and dryer. Wish it could come with cover so I can just wash the pillowcase (refuse to admit that I’m lazy…lol). Recommend this one! 


How To Choose Your Perfect Pregnancy Pillow

Seems daunting to choose the perfect pregnancy pillow? Yup. I totally get it.

There seems to be so many good pillows with amazing features out there, but what do you actually need? Which pillow is the best fit for you?

Well, you can thank me later, but I created an amazing guide for you to help you find the perfect pregnancy pillow! Just start and answer all the questions in the quiz below, and it will send you your perfect pregnancy pillow recommendation straight to your inbox!

That’s it!

Hope you enjoyed this fun little activity, and it helped you choose which one would be perfect for you.

Which one did you end up with? Or if you already have a pregnancy pillow, what did you love and hate about it? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


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